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    Joker [and a little bit of Shoker] + Text Posts (because reasons)

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    favorite character meme + renly baratheon
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    A cute ghost to drag on your dash ^ u ^ <3

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    Why Dutch shouldn’t be translated to English.






    A few Dutch sayings in English;

    • It rains steel pipes.
    • I fell with the door in the house.
    • There is nothing on the hand.
    • I shall let them smell a poopy.
    • I’m keeping you in the holes.
    • I don’t trust you for a meter.
    • It shall me a sausage be.
    • It’s dick black outside.
    • Unfortunately peanutbutter.
    • To participate for bacon and beans.
    • There is not a ball on the tv.
    • It walks in the soup.
    • Falling through the basket.
    • This time, I can see it through the fingers.

    Let me just add some personal favourites;

    I have a dark brown suspicion
    That sits quite mustache
    Oh, on that bike
    You can go on the pot
    It can’t matter to me an ass
    If you like sausage
    Am I standing here for Jan dick, or so?

    and don’t forget “write that on your tummy” or “make that the cat wise”

    and the classic: “there comes the monkey out of the sleeve”

    And more:

    • He did not fall on the back of his head.
    • There lurks a snake under the grass.
    • Get the rotten apples from the basket.
    • Take the legs.
    • Putting someone on the wrong leg.
    • Can not see the forest for the trees.
    • And this wierd one I found: As if there is an angel pisses on your tongue.
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