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The Castiel to my Dean Winchester.

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Can we have another “Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.” post with the words

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I tire of the audiobooks when I have free days because I can’t sit and listen if I’m online. Half the story will go straight past me. So I finally got myself the 5 {7} copies of A song of Ice and Fire and they should be here tomorrow 8D

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Where do yo' trip end, biatch? Yo ass seek dat which would bestow upon you tha right ta rule fo' realz. A quest ta reclaim a homeland, n' slay a thugged-out dragon!



when you’re trying to voice chat and your mom walks in


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I decided to do a short parody of the first part of “Do you Wanna Build a snowman” for Ramsay— or the Bolton’s in general I guess. A friend urged me to sing it. So here we are. I tried my best. It seemed like a fun idea to share it.

Music is softer than my voice, and the file may be softer in general, sorry!

Do you want to flay a captive?

Come on let’s go and flay

We never do that anymore

it’s such a bore

why’s it banned anyway?

We used to be good at it

and now we’re not

what does our banner stand for?

Do you wanna flay a captive?

It doesn’t have to be a captive.

It will be fun.

The Inquisition is Coming {x}

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